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I heard a forgettable talking head recently speaking about an “existential threat to liberal democracy” across the world. Let me make a very simple hypothesis for these “experts”: liberal democracy can function very well if you STOP LETTING THE VERY RICH HOARD ALL THE LOOT.


People will always get disgruntled at immigration, mechanisation and a changing world, but nothing focuses the mind like seeing your standard of living steadily decline while those at the top are hiding untold riches in island paradises. If the Establishment stops repeating the mistakes of the 1930s; if it stops allowing globalisation to be used essentially as a racket for multinational plunder and money laundering under the guise of “investment”, it might still stand a chance of redeeming itself.


I won’t hold my breath.


In this fetid age of permanent Neoliberal Big Brother Government, there is no social problem, perceived or otherwise, that can’t be solved with punitive legislation, sanctions or surveillance. Conversely, there is no wealth disparity, no productivity gap, and no corporate environmental damage that can’t be not solved by wagging a metaphorical finger with one hand while giving the proverbial hand-job with the other.
You, the free-thinking, autonomous individual, are the enemy. If you called yourself a business, turned over billions and employed people on a freelance slavery basis, then you’d be a hero, whether you publicly stated your belief in social cleansing or not, but as an individual critiquing an oppressive and power-drunk Establishment, be afraid…be very afraid. You are the raging toddler embarrassing their parents in front of their friends at that dinner party. As a matter of fact, the odds of your social media account and search history being stalked are inversely proportional to the amount of money you might donate to the party who create the laws. But that’s by the by. Can’t you just behave while your blue overlords sell off your futures to their corporate cronies?
Then we shall create a folk demon to justify spying on all of you! Whether they exist tangibly or not, we will fabricate them. We know what you fear: difference. We’ll give them brown skin, strange religions and run headlines about them being cannibal paedophile commies who want us all to live in dungeons and marry our dogs.

Remember, any opposition to these measures will mean you support us descending into a modern version of Stalin’s Russia, where a majority live in poverty and are relentlessly spied on, bombarded with propaganda and demonised, while being denied basic human rights and freedoms. To avoid this, accept your poverty as a consequence of not working hard enough. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from us. The markets will set you free, scroungers will drag you down, and the Human Rights Act must be abolished for us all to bask in our glorious new tomorrow!