The misinformation machine making everything worse

Posted: April 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

So the trigger has been fired on Article 50, with the barrel being pointed at our collective feet, and the staggering lack of scrutiny from our ‘free press’ gets ever more embarrassing.


Michael Howard, ex-Tory leader, comes out sounding more than a little over-excited and senile, when he implies that Spain should beware a ‘Falklands’ response to any suggestion of claiming Gibraltar; Liam Fox is pictured smirking and talking of shared values with a Philippines regime that has legalised vigilante murder; while Theresa May shows true leadership by criticising not either of these imbeciles but the National Trust, for allegedly removing the word ‘Easter’ from an Easter egg hunt event while she gets on her way to grovel to the head-chopping Saudi regime.


The Sun clearly felt a stirring in their loins at the mention of bombing Johnny Foreigner (and why wouldn’t they? It’s an excuse to throw 1970s Spanish stereotype slurs around, and nobody at the Sun will be doing the fighting), it’s telling that the majority of the media printed variations of jingoistic sentiment, rather than questioning the wisdom of threatening a fellow NATO member while still in negotiations with said nation critical to our own country’s economic future. Taking gunboat diplomacy to a pen fight, as it were.


I’ve noticed today that most of the media seem to make a lot of the gutsy symbolism in May not wearing a headscarf around Saudi dignitaries, as if each of their thawbs had a shimmering machete lurking beneath, ready to wield at any time in case of emergency apostates, heretics or homosexuals in the vicinity. What an appalling excuse for journalism, masquerading as ‘holding the powerful to account’.


Every day it becomes more clear the cost of not implementing the Leveson recommendations in full. Our awful press smears and derides the opposition more than the government about to lead us off an economic cliff, and provides a brass band as accompaniment to our imminent collective plunge.


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