“Listening” but never hearing – the Blairite mafia

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Opinion piece
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It’s difficult to tell who is more deluded. The Brexiteers who are reduced to posting news articles about the looming economic catastrophe prefaced with comments like “the sky hasn’t fallen in yet, has it?”; or the Blairites in the PLP, who, rather like a sinister mafia figure, have decided that Jeremy Corbyn has to resign forthwith, or there will be ‘trouble’.

Just what part of “it’s not 1997 any more” do they not understand? They seem to believe they can energise new members by turning around and telling them their vote for leader was misguided, and they need to pick again until they get it right, because big money donors don’t want a potential PM who may impose slightly more onerous tax and anti-corruption regulations on them. Apparently ‘democracy’ is only important when the Neoliberals are running things.

“Jeremy only represents the politics of protest” I hear the drones say. Is that not the whole point of politics? The Blairites’ pitch for the party is that nothing need change? Then why bother challenging the government at all? Why would people vote for the status quo with a red tie? Again, it’s not 1997 any more.

“Labour needs to listen to its voters, not preach to them”. Like when the Blairites acknowledged that ‘Leave’ voters in the North had been ‘left behind by globalisation’, rather than just being xenophobes? Okay, so what are they offering these people, besides ‘listening to their concerns’? What policies are up their sleeve to appease these voters? Jeremy seems to have a few involving regional investment, devolution, and real living wages, yet all I’ve heard from the Blairites is the same empty paternalism we’ve come to expect from zombie MPs like Tristram Hunt. He’ll ‘listen’ to you, he’ll pat you on the head condescendingly, he might even choke a little as he tells you how much these downtrodden rely on a strong Labour Party to lead them out of this horrible Tory nightmare…and then he will implement the square root of nothing, as the big money donors and Rupert Murdoch dictate the agenda.

Maybe Chilcot can finally wash away the last vestiges of the Blairites’ credibility, and show that they stand up for all the wrong things and the wrong interests. I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn can rescue UK politics, only Proportional Representation can do that. But he is infinitely preferable to the arrogant “do as we say and it’ll be alright” school of authoritarian politics that the PLP Neoliberals have decided to brandish like a club to keep the ‘wrong’ voters “on message”.


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