The mind’s eye

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Perception is a curious thing.

You’re never as smart as you hope on your good days, and never as dumb as you feel on your bad.

A string of ill fortune can make you feel worthless, while surrounding yourself with sycophants will make you feel invulnerable.

People with enormous material assets can be hugely flawed, while people with nothing can be among the most capable and rational.

You can neither rely on your own preconceptions, nor other people’s. Even trustworthy friends can misjudge sometimes.

Perception seems to be a minefield, based on a sum of circumstance, behaviour, comparative factors and peer testimonials, fed through a prism of existential awareness and reasoning.

Does anyone ever really have an entirely accurate perception of anything, or is it all just relative guesswork?


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