Doublethink at the double!

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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‘The tragedy of the Commons’ was an economic theory by Garrett Hardin, which essentially suggested that in a situation of common ownership, an individual’s self-interest would inevitably lead to depletion of the shared resources, meaning that people unthinkingly pursue selfish ends, despite the actions harming them in the long-term (and others).

Critics denounced this as a justification for private over public ownership, suggesting private self-interest in public scenarios should be remedied with by…private self-interest in private scenarios. You see, the prescribed antidote is the poison; only concentrated! It certainly reminds me of aspects of the kind of doublethink and duplicitous actions enacted by these latest shades of neoliberal demagogues.

Examples are plentiful and delight in insulting the intelligence of the electorate. My personal favourite is the ‘self-fulfilling paradigm’ when David Cameron, or one of his many corporate stooge cronies, makes a comment about the Government being ‘wasteful’ with taxpayers money, followed by the government he leads wasting taxpayers money. He actually made a comment about State ‘vanity projects’, after spending a significant portion of his early tenure railroading (pun intended) through HS2, amongst other farcical projects, like bribing the Chinese to build nuclear power stations for us at no financial risk to them. (A House of Lords committee has even confirmed recently that the positive case for HS2 is virtually non-existent:

Then of course there is the generic Tory bogeyman: ‘bureaucracy’, which they have markedly increased by introducing widespread outsourcing in almost every element of essential public services, particularly and shamefully; the NHS.

In the face of the Islamist threat, not at all created or grown through the UK’s illegal wars, or our arms manufacturers selling their country weapons, GCHQ must be able to spy on anyone at all times, regardless of context. To defend our nation’s freedom, we must curtail our nation’s freedom.

Apparently, this is a Government that wants to help young people buy a house. So they have offered to underwrite most of the deposit…but have done nothing to make the house more affordable, in terms of its cost or the value of anyone’s wages. And it won’t step in if these people can’t make payments. So it is actually helping BANKS buy homes.

The Government is getting unemployment down in an innovative way. One might assume they would create jobs, either in direct public sector work, or by spending on infrastructure or such to create demand in the economy. But no, our enlightened overlords simply bribe jobcentre staff to hound people into self-employment or penury. Don’t worry, work will pay. Because benefits are being scaled back so you won’t be able to afford food otherwise.

Interestingly, at least one private hospital provider sucking on the NHS teat has pulled out, leaving the taxpayer to clean up the mess:

Oooh it’s Circle! Didn’t they bankroll Andrew Lansley, who forced through the Health and Social Care Act in 2012 amid huge opposition? Apparently they bribed him, took the NHS money and ran away scot-free. Or so the evidence would suggest.

Remember when George Osborne said the nation ‘couldn’t borrow its way out of the crisis’, only to borrow more in his first 3 years than the Labour government did in 13?

Or successfully turning the worldwide financial meltdown and subsequent bail-out into an irresponsible public spending spree? Funny thing is, Osborne (or the advisors writing his speeches) pledged in 2007 to match Labour’s public spending for 3 years:
and his party was renowned for urging less City regulation, right up until the crash, with John Redwood incredibly urging mortgage provision (the major cause of the crash in America) regulation be abolished:

You see, in a post-political era, where elite politicians represent nothing more than highly-remunerated gatekeepers between multinationals and the taxpayer pot of gold, their main task has nothing to do with empirical evidence, constituent feedback or referendums; it is a psychological war with the electorate. With the right-wing media as their tanks, they roll out stream after stream of doublethink, convincing us that the suspiciously golden shower soaking us to the skin is in fact soft summer rain.

Half a dozen notable tactics deployed thus far:

1) Outright lies (“No more top-down reorganisation of the NHS”/”We are not privatising the NHS”) followed by denials and hoping it all blows over come May.
2) Using corrupt practices your own government deals in to justify ‘less government interference’.
3) Using acts of terrorism your foreign policy and arms dealers bear most responsibility for to justify keeping the entire population under surveillance, despite heavily criticising the previous administration for their proposed ID cards to apparently combat the threat of terrorism. Essentially following an identical agenda via a backdoor route (see also ‘Health and Social Care Bill’)
4) Questioning the ‘witch-hunt’ against phone-hacking tabloids generally favouring the Conservative Party, before demanding crucial investigative files on NSA activity obtained by the Establishment-challenging Guardian be handed over or destroyed:
5) Talking tough against fundamentalist indoctrination, before allowing waves of ‘free’ faith schools to be founded, with no criteria for qualified teachers! (What could go wrong?)
6) Talking ENDLESSLY about cutting taxes, only to end up cumulatively hiking them more than the previous administration….except for the 5% cut for those earning over £150k a year of course:

Tragedy of the Commons indeed.


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