Consolation and compensation in ‘things’

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Personal
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In the midst of a culture obsessed with acquiring and accumulating stuff, even we who shun the Temple of Consumption are sometimes suckered into a more subtle form of Idolatry of the Inanimate…

I’ve always wanted to learn things, and, whether it’s ultimately a result of my own failure of sustained focus or drive, or the prevailing culture of ‘McSelf-Help’ (give me the basics now and I’ll pick the rest up sort of thinking), I’ve often substituted relentless learning and sacrifice with a ‘teacher’, for buying a ‘how-to’ book I always intend to read, or even just buying the expensive instrument I want to learn, as a method for motivating myself to do it.

Now that I’ve moved house it’s moved this curious cult into sharp focus, and I’m finally making arrangements to sell my beautiful silver Les Paul studio electric guitar, which has reminded me what a failure I’ve tended to be!

So basically, this entry was intended to admonish both the culture of desirable-skills-as-cheap-commodity and my own weak resolve. From now on, I will do the hard yards BEFORE purchasing anything, and read all instructional books cover-to-cover before putting them on the shelf to gather dust indefinitely.


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