All Violence is Equally Ugly

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Opinion piece
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It’s getting depressingly familiar that people, sometimes unwittingly and blindly ignorant, attempt to further their own agendas in response to tragedies; attempting to tie lunacy to specific races or religions.

Anyone who condones any murder, including State-sanctioned, is a cretin in my eyes. Anyone who attempts to justify any form of terrorism, be it car bombs in big cities, opening fire in a publishing house or invading foreign nations under false pretences to steal their resources, is deluded and potentially dangerous.

So I implore us to simply see all hostile acts as repugnant, because they are, whether they are deemed the ‘aggressors’ or ‘retaliators’. Is a small clutch of psychopaths using ‘offensive images’ as justification for cold-blooded murder different to two powerful nations sending their military to invade a country on the dubious pretext of mighty weapons that never existed? If so, how?

Perhaps we should condemn, and work to eradicate, all unwarranted aggression, whether it is from individuals, sects, cults or governments. What violence is ever really justified?


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