Robots, lies and GDP

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Apparently, we should all fall to knees in reverence to our glorious Chancellor, whose fiduciary masterstrokes have returned UK GDP to pre-2008 peaks. The fact that it does not take into account population growth renders it similar to a schoolboy boasting about winning a football match 10-0 when he’d quietly packed his team with year 13s without telling anyone. Also, I believe UK Gross Domestic Product includes Government borrowing, so again it’s a pretty worthless measurement of budgetary accomplishment, unless Osborne wants to boast about borrowing more in 4 years than the previous administration borrowed in 13.
One could also argue that, in seeing the Health Service reduced to developing world status, the growing prevalence and creativity of slum landlords, zero-hour exploitation, and a growing section of the population reduced to abject penury in one of the world’s wealthiest nations, the ‘end’ may not have justified the means. One may also suggest that reducing us to the status of China’s bitches, America’s bootlickers and the knowing tyrant’s arms provider of choice is not something to be proud of, nor dropping our metaphorical drawers to any and all ‘investment’. Like a febrile drug addict, we are selling off everything not nailed down and cramming every awkward household implement up our arse. Tote? Royal Mail? NHS? Sold to the highest bidder donor! Fracking? Massive vanity project railway line crucial to Britain’s future interests? More nuclear? Come on in!

I saw an article recently that proclaimed the future would see most labour undertaken by robots, leaving most of the population jobless. That future is already here! Still round 2.5 million unemployed, 500,000 vacancies. We can either get used to this, and see it as a massive positive, leaving most of the population free to pursue their passions and community work, or allow the cabal of merciless privateers to keep convincing us we need to be their slaves to get even the stale crumbs of their enormous pie.


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