I hear a lot of people mention countries undergoing massive protests or even revolutions, and commenting along the lines of “our government’s not perfect, but at least we have democracy”.

Understanding that train of thought, we have just heard that Andy Coulson will be jailed for his part in orchestrating phone-hacking, yet we are asked to believe that Rebekah Brooks, his boss, was entirely innocent of being complicit, or actually ordering the actions. Presumably the narrative we are expected to swallow is that Coulson was something of an overly ambitious and ethically-challenged loose cannon who also compulsively lied to his bosses and the Prime Minister.

So Brooks, who was not only Coulson’s boss but his secret lover, was apparently massively incompetent and could not read people to save her life. This is about as credible as any story in The Sun; no wonder Rupert thinks it will stick.

We knew the Murdoch empire controlled governments and the police, but, after hearing that he also financed most of both parties’ defence funds, we can reasonably assume that this insult to the British public’s intelligence means that his mafia-like grip on the UK also extends to the Crown Prosecution Service.


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