Crime pays for those who can pay

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So Max Clifford has become the first person convicted from Operation Yewtree. Good thing too, or the Crown Prosecution Service were facing some serious questions. I fell into the trap I imagine most did when the news first broke. That is, I smirked to myself; revelling in the notion that a smug, self-satisfied prat bloated on his own self-importance would finally get his comeuppance. But then, being an arsehole is not a crime. He is potentially being jailed for substantial crimes against real victims, and whether he is Max Clifford or someone who hasn’t made his career by protecting adulterous celebrities from the media consequences of their infidelity; it is the same trauma for the women and girls he has assaulted. Stupidly, I find it a lot more palatable thinking of Clifford in prison than Rolf Harris, when really I should simply hope that the guilty get what is coming to them, while the victims get their own sense of closure. Hoping that Clifford the sleaze went down seems akin to hoping he had victims, which is a ridiculous but all too human instinct.

Having said that, Sun favourite Clifford’s crimes happened over 30 years ago, so many might argue that the greatest accomplishment is lending credence to the victim’s plight rather than actually punishing him. He has lived high on the hog from his reflected celebrity all this time, and has only been struck down as a hugely wealthy pensioner, who, after his most likely brief prison stay, can afford to disappear off the media radar for a quiet retirement. The end of his career will simply mean a slightly earlier retirement than initially planned, and that doesn’t seem like any kind of justice to me, negative bias or not.


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