‘Enemy of liberty’

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes I wonder if the average person realises just how corrosive the issue of concentrated wealth is to any nation. Obviously the Government and mainstream media don’t wish anyone to clue themselves up on this, as their own interests fall very much into the concentration of wealth, and the vast power that comes with that, but it still baffles me how most seem to categorise improving one’s own economic circumstances as interchangeable with enormous wealth concentration by multinationals, hedge fund managers and FTSE CEOs.

I came to the conclusion some time ago that Anarchism (in any of its schisms bar the nonsensical ‘Capitalism’ version) is the only political or social ideology that makes any sense. It should appeal across all wings and interests; after all it advocates community, teamwork, care, but also self-reliance and meritocracy, while abolishing all unjustified power and hierarchies. The fact that it doesn’t appeal to all suggests that perhaps certain sections of people are being somewhat disingenuous. When, for instance, saying that they advocate ‘aspiration’, perhaps they really mean one should dream of ultimately controlling others. When they say “politics of envy”, this translates to: “I’m entitled to have more than you because I played the game and you didn’t. Get with the programme or perish.”

But I digress. Concentrated wealth is corrosive on all levels, and we see its effects every day. When a female student can’t afford to pay tuition fees and acts as an ‘escort’ to wealthy benefactors to mitigate her poverty, this is a direct effect of wealth inequality. When an entire town, voting unanimously to oppose a ludicrous opportunistic housing development is overruled through the developer employing the costliest lawyers money can buy, and local Government in their pockets, this is the deployment of concentrated wealth. When huge corporations can circumvent environmental regulations, construct elaborate tax evasion schemes and let the Government top up their employee’s unliveable wages whilst being offered a steady stream of free labour and painted as heroes for simply possessing capital, you know that our nation has an unhealthy obsession with balance sheets.

Concentrated wealth allows social disconnect. It allows those with it to wield power in reprehensible ways. It means those without it are ripe for exploitation and manipulation.

Do you feel comfortable knowing that, should there be a massive energy or economic crisis, perhaps deliberately instigated, a select few people could simply disappear to their offshore tax havens and use their vast riches to create their own nation, well away from the inevitable civil wars and societal meltdown that would ensue among the general population who rely on affordable necessities?


We are not all in this together.


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