Learn your place, plebs

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If we needed any more convincing as to who the police are supposed to be defending, it came in recent weeks. A police officer whose lie caused mild embarrassment to a Tory whip (albeit leading to an “honourable” resignation) is jailed, while a police officer ruled to have unlawfully killed a homeless man at a protest was effectively quietly ushered out of the line of fire.

PC Keith Wallis was behind bars within a few months, while Hillsborough survivors and the bereaved are yet to see any of the conspirators face any form of justice, some 25 years on.

The riots which followed the killing of Mark Duggan are written off as nothing more than opportunistic Jeremy Kyle-wannabes pilfering swag. But then we understand that this is a Government that cares not about the root causes of social disorder, because that may draw attention to their own policies, actions and corruption. Rather, they prefer to paint a picture of a country who just won’t sit down and do as they’re told. Stop protesting fracking, stop whining about student fees, cease bedroom tax outrage…or we’ll bring in the water cannons.

GCHQ is watching you.


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