Know Our Enemy Part I: The Coming Tyranny

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I had a fantastic time at the Million Mask March in London on 5th November. I never attend any other kind of social gathering where complete strangers will happily talk to you, take your picture and help you out. Only at a summer festival or carnival could you get the same spirit of brotherhood as people laugh and dance and sing together in defiance. Yet the responses on social media and national media were depressingly familiar.

The right-wingers tried to discredit the gathering with the usual dial-a-jibe outbursts: ‘plastic activists’; ‘dole scroungers’; ‘wouldn’t know hardship if they read about it on Facebook’; ‘protesting against corporatism while pouring money to Time-Warner for their masks’; ‘tree huggers’; ‘haven’t grown up yet’; ‘whining about Labour being voted out’; ‘bugger off to North Korea if you don’t like it’; ‘put that effort into getting a job’; ‘Halloween’s over’ etc etc ad infinitum.

The left wingers chastised too: ‘plastic activists’; ‘wannabe anarchists’; ‘pointless’; ‘Anonymous fanboys/girls’; ‘Russell Brand followers’; ‘middle-class Guardianistas on a jolly’ and so on.

I spoke to a youngish journalist from Forbes, who wanted to interview ‘Anonymous’ activists. Knowing the source, I expected to be condescended to, especially with a loaded question like: “What message do you have for corporations?”, but when I’d had my say and been called ‘eloquent’, I’d hoped for more than the sneering article which, though not entirely derogatory, included very little rational pro-March comments, and was clearly edited to fit the Forbes agenda. All in all, it was a pretty typical aftermath of any protest by most standards, with the usual non-coverage by our supposedly impartial broadcaster, the BBC. The Establishment will set its attack dogs in the media out to discredit opposition in any manner it can, lest the rationale behind the protests catches on and spreads too far for a few hundred tooled-up riot cops to kettle.

So the depressing narrative surfaces again: either accept the status quo quietly, or be censored. Stay at home or be kettled and dismissed. Dare to attempt direct action and be arrested. How did it get this bad? Perhaps the nadir of peaceful protesting came at the ‘Not in my Name’ march against the Iraq War in February 2003. Much of the widespread cynicism at the futility of public protest can be traced back to the Thatcher era, where her obstinate refusal to adhere to public opinion was widely lauded as a necessary evil at the time, only to be lamented when it had taken hold with all successive governments, none more so than New Labour, who, despite 13 unbroken years of rule, did nothing to roll back or abolish the toxic policies introduced by the Headmistress of the Neoliberal Doctrine.

A revolutionary government like the postwar Attlee administration, which was responsible for two decades of growth, housing, healthcare and opportunity across the class spectrum, seems more unlikely than ever, when even lobbying the government from a non-big business perspective is being stifled with the proposed ‘Gagging law’, currently on a short hiatus:

I doubt any of us are surprised that the Bill originated from the same corrupt MP who introduced the policy-for-donation privatisation of the NHS: Andrew Lansley. This debacle serves once again to remind us that the current administration is slipping dangerously into fascist territory. Examples below:

Over-the-top police response to peaceful protest as revenge for being embarrassed by Millbank damage?


Demonization of human ‘collateral’ of your reckless policies?


Discrediting every credible counter-argument/defending indefensible policies with lies?


Suggesting greater control of press is desirable only when it reveals Establishment spying and abuse of power?


Constant demonizing of Trade Unions and suggesting limiting their influence, to throw off attacks on big business lobbying?

Encouraging blind worship of the military to justify illegal wars to the public?


Just for effect, William Hague even also decided to emulate Joseph Goebbel’s immortal aphorism:

So we should all be aware of the creeping insurgence of fascism, and not write it off as hyperbole. Fascism, after all, is a natural next step for a Government that knows they are acting against the interests not just of the poor, but the middle classes and especially their children: the 99% essentially. If you can’t pacify enough with media divide-and-rule propaganda, then you need to utilise the other, less subtle, methods of control at your disposal to keep them subjugated.

The state apparatus, which has from time to time actually been used to challenge vested elites and work for the greater good, has now returned to simply being a vital tool for the new (and old) elites to keep those below them in line. It lashes out like a violent reactionary at every form of criticism, and more and more seems to crave ruling with an iron fist; as if Orwell had never been imagined. The puppets eased into the seats of power by an anachronistic voting system on a wave of divisive anti-intellectual media bilge seem to no longer have any concept or perspective of political history or a world outside unrestrained Neoliberal Capitalism; reacting only to devise policies which pay back whomever has donated the most to their respective party’s propaganda coffers.

They no longer maintain even a flimsy pretence of ruling in the good of the nation, or thinking in any term longer than the five years they have inflicted on us. Do the damage early, hope for a miracle, bribe the more gullible sections of the electorate just before the election; is now order of the day. If you can set traps for the next administration to sabotage their spending plans, all the better.

It is easy to treat the Government or MPs as the enemy, but it gets us nowhere. They have the police and military protecting them, and are expert liars. I want to suggest that our real enemy is concentrated wealth, and its own apparatus: the corporation.


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