Nice bubble, how about another?

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The greatest trick the plundering larcenist banksters ever pulled was convincing the world they didn’t exist…

How did they do it? With a little help from the Fourth Estate and some little brown envelopes it seems:

So here we are, 3 years down the line from the suicidal trading of toxic derivatives and sub-prime mortgage follies, and what has been put right?

The answer is nothing. Not only has nothing been put right, but the major contributor to the financial meltdown has been set back in motion again!

There’s only so many times you can call George Osborne an unqualified moron before you actually start to believe that he may know what he’s doing. When he fails at all his own declared targets; when a mediocre fraction of growth after a near triple-dip recession is trumpeted as proof of his very clever plan; when he smirks that pudgy smirk for the umpteenth time on using the phrase “hardworking people who want to get on” without a trace of irony at his own fortuitous circumstance, perhaps he really is just sending himself up. After all, with his absolute disregard for fiscal responsibility in using taxpayers to underwrite mortgages for people who can’t afford them, he has not only played to the Tory home-owning fantasy cheap seats, but he has set landmines which will most likely detonate under the stewardship of the next inevitable Labour government. But then, playing politics with people’s livelihoods (and lives) has never been a problem for this particular brand of silver-spoon Tory: it’s like parlour games to them.

It’s amazing to behold the ideological parrots getting royally stomped into the ground with the rest of us, yet justifying this madness with some reference to justice against ‘scroungers’. It matters not how many times you repeat that benefit fraud levels account for less than 1% of total welfare, or that more benefit money is left unclaimed than is claimed fraudulently; these people are happy to repeat the Establishment fallacy while Master wipes his boots on them.

Truly successful demagoguery always relies on painting easy scapegoats that people insist could never be them, and insisting these unfortunates are leeching off the rest of the population. Thus, the simple-minded will listen to nauseating 1950s throwback phrases like ‘hardworking families’ and think “that describes me!”; because nobody with any self-esteem would identify with less-than-heroic social caricatures.

Of course, some of these less empathetic sorts will suffer their own cautionary tales of karmic justice, perhaps by losing their own job, and, in an unlikely turn, be forced into performing a strikingly similar role for nothing more than benefits. This is generally what it takes to convert any of the ignorant or arrogant: direct penury. These are the same sorts of people who wonder why they have no access to legal recourse any more, or access to non-emergency healthcare. They bury their heads in a mound of self-congratulatory sand, muttering about people deserving their misfortune, until it happens to them, of course.

So are we happy, having suffered a cataclysmic financial meltdown, to go into a fourth year having put in place nothing to prevent it all happening again, in fact our Chancellor happily stoking up another catastrophe by bribing people with home loans underwritten by us?


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