How Government forces the agenda

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was going to write some kind of furious diatribe after David Cameron’s cynical play to the Daily Mail cheap seats with his vow to block internet porn and ‘esoteric’ websites, no doubt as a convenient distraction sandwiched between the Lynton Crosby lobbying fiasco, and the Tories pissing off their own core support in Bracombe with another moment of triumph for lucre over any kind of serious mandate. Of course, there is no question that these ‘esoteric’ websites he speaks of could be political opponents, for instance. Our Government could never abuse future powers to block political dissent could they? After all, it’s not like we have a government that would sell out the nation’s health for personal financial gain, offer exclusive political access to fracking lobbyists, or condone widespread spying on citizens as “nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide” (a quote most famously attributed to Goebbels, I believe).

Instead I thought I’d marvel over the miraculous timing of news.

For instance, isn’t it incredible that the Mid Staffordshire scandal and the steady drip of NHS ‘neglect’ comes out just after the criminal Health and Social Care Bill grinds into action, depleting front-line services and introducing the farcical 111 hotline; which seems to be simply chucking more people into overcrowded Accident and Emergencies.

Do you remember the truth of the Hillsborough cover-up came out mere weeks after the police were angrily rejecting the potential privatisations of parts of their services?

I’ve noticed a lot more power cuts in my region (the South East) than usual. A cynic might even suggest that this has something to do, or may have a lot to do with the fracking furore. It would be remarkably easy for a Government intent on forcing through fracking in certain areas to have a specific urgent ‘need’ to do so: i.e. power cuts that suggest energy shortages, which could be engineered by the State, enacted by private energy companies who are of course shielded from full accountability so no direct connection could be made.

And so we come to Cameron’s coup de grace of internet censorship. Hopefully we’ve now all learnt our lesson from past betrayals. Here’s how it works:

1) Government bribed by multinationals and other large private interests to hand over public assets to them, thereby guaranteeing returns and subsidies.

2) Government, under the veil of Neoliberal ideology, which is essentially carte blanche for corruption, claims more public services need to be ‘outsourced’ or ‘reformed’ or any other weasel words to avoid the sensitive term of ‘privatisation’.

3) If the coast is clear, proceed.

4) If massive protests are forthcoming, play hard ball. The public are not stupid enough to believe private companies are virtuous or efficient, so you must discredit the current cherished institution. If protest is because of a trust element, undermine that trust with stories leaked at crucial times about medical negligence or police corruption. If protest is because of a personal, reliable service, cut salaries or increase working hours or otherwise remove job security from public servants to enable the system to naturally deteriorate. Hope the public gets the message.

5) If all else fails, engineer a small disaster, or simply ignore the protests of your own people, plough ahead and damn the consequences.

I foresee some serious power shortages ahead!


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