By jingo!

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What is being English?

Is it croquet or cricket on the village green?

Is it cream tea and full English in a Victorian tearoom?

Is it wasps around the barbeque? Or WASPs in a balmy queue?

Are the Daily Mail curtain-twitchers, waving their Monarchy flags, while terrified of anti-Establishment sentiment, the definition of ‘Englishness’? Or the shaven-headed, shirtless, pot-bellied, bad-tattooed EDL knuckle-draggers outside the pubs after an England match?

Is it maintaining a stiff upper lip, keeping calm and carrying on, or getting sunburnt and rat-arsed on the first sunny day of the year, every year?

Is it a protectionist island mentality, or a tiny colossus making waves across the world?

Is it the Queen, the Empire or a Roman soldier of Greek descent slaying a dragon?

Seriously, let me know if you have the answer!


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