A reality pill for cognitive dissonance

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A little quiz for the many outraged pro-establishment defenders of ‘public decency’, attempting to discredit (one of the core tactics of those losing an argument) many who don’t buy the line that Margaret Thatcher was anything close to anyone’s definition of ‘great’ with classics like: “not even old enough to know who Thatcher was”:

Would you condone a Government training and installing a dictatorship later responsible for genocide almost unmatched in modern history? If your answer is along the lines of: “as long as it was in British interests”, chances are you are a fan of Margaret Thatcher.

Do you think it’s acceptable to kill over 300 sailors clearly moving away from a conflict zone nowhere near your home territory? If your answer sounds like: “serves the Argies right for trying to take what’s ours”, you’re definitely a Thatcher apologist.

Would you be proud of a leader who endorsed a Chilean despot responsible for murdering and torturing thousands of deemed political opponents? Who dealt arms to the brutal Saudi regime and helped arm the Iraqi dictator we now hold up as a villain who we had to forcibly depose? If your answer includes a disclaimer about ending the threat of Communism, you are a Thatcherite through and through.

If you respond to her accomplishment of the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich in British history with: “the Unions needed breaking for the good of the country. Set the enterprising free to be successful”, then Thatcher was definitely your heroine.

If you sneer at the mention of a generation on the scrapheap, London awash with homeless, using the police as a private militia and then initiating a cover-up to protect those officers responsible for the circumstances leading to the horrific deaths of 96 people, then you probably live by the mantra: “I’m alright Jack”. You comprise the unthinking, unfeeling Thatcher acolyte. As long as the suffering wasn’t inflicted on you, she was great.

If an invading army had beaten and starved our miners, closed down our steelworks and shipbuilding industry, before selling off our energy and water to foreign corporations, we’d have gone to war.

There was only one true ‘enemy within’: an iron enemy.





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