Wasteland of potential

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The notion that visible tattoos and/or piercings have any relation to your ability or dedication in any job is insulting. Not being considered for employment because your parents cannot afford to keep you for a month or two while you work unpaid is a travesty. Ruling out potential applicants automatically because of prior minor convictions is self-defeating.

We often hear of the supposed flaws and shortcomings of failing jobseekers. What we do not hear enough of is employers not accepting applicants of unusual but perfectly peaceful appearance, applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, or with a blemished history, with little justification.

We do not need legislation to force this, but we should expect much more progress in an ever-evolving multi-faceted world; a world which professes social mobility, just as long as you conform to a homogenous corporate model. You can have massive drug or psychological issues, but just as long as you turn up looking smart on time in the morning, it’s all gravy.

What an appalling waste of potential and source of resentment. Big business should not dictate the world; it should be dictated by the world.


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