A message for the unemployed

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Are you currently unemployed?

If so, you have my sincere empathy. I have been in that situation in the past, and for me it was demoralising and demeaning, making me feel worthless and a failure every day. I can only imagine how much worse it is now that the right-wing media has propagated the ludicrous fallacy that the disenfranchised are actually on the take.

But if you ever find yourself feeling utterly superfluous, you are wrong. You are integral to the ideology that is Neo-Liberalism.

An ideology that thrives on pillaging after engineered disasters, another crucial tenet of this disastrous corporate-sponsored dogma is the maintenance of a constant considerable pool of unemployed. Along with mass immigration of unskilled workers, this pool helps to naturally drive down wages and erode workers’ rights, whilst the victims are played off against each other: corporate utopia.

The UK media is also currently busy acting as a Government propaganda machine, heaping scorn on those who find themselves on the scrapheap through not random circumstance, but State-engineered crisis.

Witness the very deliberate and unnecessary culling of thousands of public-sector jobs, little or no infrastructure projects and reduction in benefits for people who would have spent most in the economy to know that the agenda is not growth. Hear the lack of action on bank reform, the only concrete action which could prevent this scenario cropping up again, to know who’s pulling the strings.

You, as an unemployed person, are vital as both a warning and a scapegoat.

Fortunately, not all of us fall for this grubby game of divide and rule. You are not different, worse or more of a failure than me. We are the same. Human beings with limitless potential. Our current employment status does not define us as people, much as the media and Government would like it to. I may be in the same position as you tomorrow, much as you may be in my position. It makes no difference. What makes a difference is seeing through the lies and not judging victims of circumstance differently.

Should you find yourself long-term unemployed and in need of purpose, please, get in touch with like-minded individuals and devote yourself to helping tear down this failed system. We can do it together!


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