The difference between knowledge and wisdom

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Knowledge can indeed mean power, but wisdom can mean survival.

Knowledge can mean accomplishment, but wisdom can mean progress.

Knowledge can mean the sky’s the limit, while wisdom reveals remaining bolted to the ground means a fall from grace will not break you.

Knowledge is found in texts, in tutors, sometimes in television, but applicable knowledge must follow the basic tenets of instruction, demonstration and experimentation to guarantee success.

Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. It asks little but study and application, and its rewards can be boundless. One can learn to communicate in the tongue of others, build an engine, or solve complex equations. One can become a biophysicist, software programmer, or professional dancer. From restlessness to rote, one can tailor clothes, build houses, or write symphonies. The possibilities may seem limitless. Much knowledge can even be attained free of charge, and started with as little as a battered book and a tree to lean against.

Wisdom is the suit of armour one accumulates against the artillery of ignorance. When devoid of it, any sling or arrow may pierce and strike you down. Many will have parents and guardians to shield them while they build up these defences, but failure to arm oneself when these are gone can prove fatal. While knowledge may appear as a fresh fruit hanging from a tree with strong and accessible branches, wisdom can at times be more like traversing a raging river of poison on a fragile raft, in order to reach the opposite bank, where a sleeping serpent guards the only antidote.

Wisdom is not easily earned. It can hurt like Hell. Experience is the direct and most effective way to attain wisdom, but experience can be traumatic. Knowledge of anatomy and modern weaponry will not prepare anyone for the experience of witnessing weaponry’s direct effect on human anatomy, while knowledge of senescence and decay will not make their experience any more palatable.

Knowledge can be accrued alone, while experience is only effective relative to other people.

Knowledge is inventing a hand-held labour-saving device which revolutionises people’s lifestyles. Wisdom is knowing not to display it in certain areas at certain times.

Knowledge is taking due credit for your own breakthroughs. Wisdom is sharing the limelight to ward off enemies.

Knowledge is realising a system is corrupt and exploitative. Wisdom is accepting that those who perceive themselves to be a success have no motive for tearing down any system.

Knowledge is being well-versed in history. Wisdom is realising it is written by the winners.

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    The crown of wisdom is to know the true creator.Knowledge is what you learn through life.You have a nice post.Best regards. Jalal Michael

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