A reluctant exchange

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A weathered yet seemingly courteous and well-presented gentleman attempted to make apparently polite conversation with me as I served him yesterday.

‘Busy period you’re having at the minute’ he exclaimed.

We are the only shop in a five mile radius, so forgive me if I could not find the strength to cultivate a tailored answer to this trite observation.

‘We’re always busy’ I laughed politely.

Thinking this would be the end of our pleasantries, I began to turn to the next customer, only to have the gentleman continue.

‘Good news in these times. Success!’ he proclaimed eccentrically.

I began to feel he was about to leap into the condescension garden, and urged him silently to just leave, but he couldn’t resist:

‘Pays the wages’ he finished, triumphantly.

Really? Is this how employment works? You mean the company will only pay me if they make a profit? I didn’t know how to respond to this bombshell. Quite frankly it blew my tiny mind. You see, all the right-wing newspapers have been telling me that big companies and corporations are benevolent rich people who dish out money in a philanthropic gesture simply to do ungrateful poor people a favour and keep them off the dole. Now that I know that the truth is that I am only paid to make the people who employ me more money, I feel like I have been lied to.

Apparently you are more likely to discover the truth from the lips of a smug, ignorant right-wing pensioner than the British media.


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