The weather outside is frightful

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Merry Christmas! Oh what a frightful cliché. I mean, nobody really remembers the true meaning of Christmas anymore do they?

Atheism must surely be catching up, if not having overtaken, Christianity as the major ‘faith’ in Britain, and yet we celebrate the divine birth of the Jewish King; the saviour of mankind on December 25th…or was it September? But we’ll say December as it fits well with the pagan festival of the winter Solstice. And of course, St Nicholas; Jesus’ drinking buddy; will defy the limits of time and physics to deliver gifts to boys and girls throughout the land; costume and make-up by Coca Cola. Today I began to watch ‘Avatar’; a transparent analogy of the bloody white European conquest of the Americas; lauded and cashed in on by the obscenely wealthy powerful beneficiaries/descendents of those same ruthless conquerors.

Either side of this I took in four versions of my personal favourite classic; Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’; the well-loved tale of a wicked, selfish miser who exploited and abused others for his own ends; amid the backdrop of a merciless economic climate caused chiefly by bankers who practice many of these traits themselves and don’t seem to be in any danger of repentance or reparations to those whose livelihoods they have gambled away; under the stewardship of a coalition which seems to be heralding in a new Dickensian era of class division with their cruel political gouging.

We have been treated to the indescribable beauty of a white Christmas, which has generally been met with groans of derision and spite. Most stores were profiteering on items which will be half the price in 2 days, while we all indulge in an orgy of gluttony and sloth.

But the point is the meaning of Christmas is what you derive yourself from the season. Charity? Giving to those you love? Being around friends? Having the family all together? Getting sozzled and singing carols until the early hours? Any of these tends to beat the cynicism out of this holiday; one which may have lost its original context and inspired people to worship at the altar of materialism, but which still offers an excuse for disparate souls to come together, possibly great distances, and join the festivities together.

And any excuse for a good party is fine by me.


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