We live in uncertain and unjust times, where hypocrisy and superficiality abound now more than ever.

A hypocrisy that means a distant relative of the Queen now rules over us, despite feudalism and nobility being antiquated and anachronistic concepts for many centuries. A hypocrisy that sees a man whose previous career highlights consisted of NHS data entry and working at Selfridges appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer, despite never studying economics; a man who tells the populace he governs that they must live with austerity via his public service cuts when he himself is heir to a £4million fortune. A hypocrisy that sees the Conservative-led coalition condemning (if you’ll forgive the pun) the destruction of property at their Millbank headquarters by students fighting for their future prospects, when, as members of the notorious ‘Bullingdon Club’, they used to revel in vandalism for no cause other than cheap (if you’ll forgive another pun) thrills. A hypocrisy that saw the leader of the Liberal Deomocrats eschewing a core manifesto promise of no increase in University tuition fees because he ‘realised there was no alternative’ when he joined the coalition, perhaps at the same time that he realised that hoping for political reform in the form of Proportional Representation wasn’t really worth fighting for after all. And of course a hypocrisy that sees the State clamping down on welfare fraudsters when it is well-documented that corporate tax evasion costs the country many times more.

It would be nice if politicians could be held accountable for decisions which were proven to have far too great a social cost for too superficial a benefit, but unfortunately legions of spin-doctors would prevent this from ever being allowed to happen.

Not from a system which means that Maggie is afforded the very finest healthcare and comfort around the clock as she heads into senility while redundant miners and their families slide into chronic ill-health, depression and suicide from their plight. A system which also sees Tony Blair working to broker peace in a Middle East he has been complicit in tearing apart with his oil wars.


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