Schadenfreude Herr Moyles…

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I was amused to read this story today:

Considerably more amused than I’ve ever been when tuning into Radio One in the mornings in fact. The fact that I know p***heads down the local who, with a few hours training could do a similar job and be funnier than Chris Moyles makes it even more amusing. His listener ratings are testament to appealing to the lowest common denominator (this is a generalisation and not describing every person who listens to his show to be clear).

If there’s one thing fatter than Moyles, it’s his ego. And of there’s one thing fatter than his ego, it’s his pay-cheque. Which brings me to the succinct point of this blog; that of a caller who apparently didn’t much like the way Moyles had the temerity to moan and groan that he hadn’t received a wage for two months. They are paraphrased as saying essentially that he should simply accept it, be grateful for getting nearly a hundred grand a year and a private driver.

Hmmm, well it doesn’t really work like that does it though? To illustrate why this is a really stupid point, let’s just use some basic arithmetic. Let’s for argument’s sake assume that the plaintiff themselves earns an annual wage of £15k. Now assuming this person is responsible, and also has no mortgage to pay, we would deduct money for tax and savings etc. and assume they lived a ‘£12k lifestyle’, i.e. their outgoings per year on bills etc would total about £12k.

Now suppose their boss calls them in and says they are impressed with their attitude and ability and promotes them to a new position, now on £25k a year. Are they still going to live a £12k lifestyle? Like Hell are they! They would most likely get a new car, perhaps move home; their outgoings would increase until nearly the same as their new wage.

It’s a logical progression that the more you earn, the more you attempt to improve your lifestyle. If your earnings increase by £10k, this extra £10k is not going to charity or savings. So unless Chris Moyles really is more humble than he sounds, he will be living an £85k lifestyle. This means that his bills would be pretty close to his earnings per month. So him not being paid for two months is similar to someone on £15k not being paid for two months. He might not be destitute but he has bills like everyone else. So, although the plaintiff clearly thought they were echoing the views of the wider public, they just came across as very bitter. As, strangely enough, did ‘Moylesy’ himself.


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