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Yeah man, Raoul Moat, get in! I mean, he stuck it to the filth, showed them we won’t take their shit lying down, showed his bitch she shouldn’t be running around with other men while he’s watching his back in the shower room in case he’s penetrated by other men. Got what was coming to them. He’s like a modern day crusader for the little people!

Oh wait no, he’s actually a ‘roided out nutjob who couldn’t accept being dumped for slapping his girlfriend about. I take my working class heroes with less testosterone and more brain cells thank you.

But wait, the plot thickens. It seems almost too easy to dislike Moat, being an ex-bouncer, a profession which tends to attract people who like to have a licence to batter random strangers when the mood takes them but actually require the police to dispense with real troublemakers (irony alert!). From his former profession, drug addiction and domestic abuse allegations, there seems to be not much going for our subject, until we read about Moat apparently asking for psychiatric help in the past from a social worker. Now this casts a whole new light over proceedings, as it demonstrates a man who seemed to be self-aware and responsible for what he felt he may do, a man not quite so easily dismissed as a cold-blooded psychopath.

Except by David Cameron, who insisted that there should be ‘no sympathy’ for Moat, presumably based on what he’d read in the Torygraph or the Daily Mail about the notorious Facebook page proclaiming Moat to be a ‘legend’. Other than the fact nobody outside of Tory central has any respect for what our plastic Prime Minister deems unpalatable, this Facebook group has indeed stirred up another hornets nest. Some wags may suggest that the anti-police agenda demonstrated in the group mirrors the anti-Conservative agenda of 64% of the United Kingdom. Bizarrely, in the red corner, we had Gazza, standing up for his old pal Moat, blaming the drugs for his condition, an irony when we consider that Gazza sounded considerably drug-addled himself, the drug being alcohol.

The Facebook group predictably attracts a fervent mixture of the hateful, the brainless and the wannabes. Most likely the vast majority of predictable people using Moat as an icon of anti-police sentiment are the people least likely to have a reason for hating the police. The people who believe that they should be allowed to go 70 past a school, fix and rev cars up at all hours in their front garden, have ear-splitting arguments and music playing at 3am. These are the people you can guarantee will be bigging up Moat for ‘giving them what they deserved’. The ethnic youths who are stopped and searched continuously for no good reason – you can bet their voices will not be loud in this group.

What a sordid and embarrassing mess this quickly, or should that be slowly, became for Northumbria, and to a certain extent, UK police forces overall. The general consensus seems to be that a highwayman would have been caught quicker. Extra galling was the incredible cost of bringing in numerous other regional police forces to help apprehend the fugitive, only to provoke him into committing suicide, losing even the consolation of an arrest.

This incredible turn of events threw up so many false heroes and villains it made our heads spin.

Was Moat a hero? Were the police villains? Was it the other way around?
As usual it seems that the media and government turn a contentiously grey issue into black and white.

There were no heroes or villains here, merely a highly unstable and drug-addled man refused help by those around him, and a humiliated police force counting the cost, especially of a police officer who is now blind. Making it black and white will negate the need for deriving the root causes of this tragedy, just as attempting to smother these hateful Facebook posters by removing the group will.

  1. Brit Miller says:

    I completely agree with Cameron, we should ban this Facebook group. I for one have had enough of all this ‘Freedom of Speech’ malarky.

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