Money makes the world be drowned

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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An intriguing political cold war has been developing recently with the revelation that US president Barack Obama is actually none-too-chuffed that BP have irrevocably desecrated a large section of the Mexican Gulf coast, killing marine life and ruining local fishermen. Our default Prime Minister David Cameron was apparently urged (by whom it is unclear) to defend the interests of a highly successful and ‘iconic’ British company in the face of completely unjustified American name-calling.

So the insinuation is that we, as British citizens, should be proud of this obscenely profitable oil giant because…..umm….oh yeah they have ‘British’ in their name! We’re British, they’re British, you see how this works. Get with the patriotism people! Bloody Yanks trying to defame and discredit us for having the temerity to pollute their seas…

…but wait, doesn’t America kinda like oil themselves? Don’t tell me there’s a little hypocrisy at work here…heaven forfend. Though I’m sure the fishermen whose livelihoods have been threatened weren’t quite as obsessed with the black gold as their government. Nor the native marine life. Or, for that matter, the 11 workers who were killed in the explosion that started this disaster. Here’s a reminder that it was not in fact just other species whom were wiped out:

Of course another human victim is the suffering multi-millionaire BP CEO Tony Hayward, who ‘just wants his life back’ in the face of a deluge of criticism. Hayward is clearly a man of action, as he proved by blithely ignoring any concept of empathy and ‘public relations’ to go yachting bless him:

Can’t you vultures leave the poor dear alone? He may have all the money in the world but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings. He can’t be held responsible for this whole mess, it’s not like he’s the CEO of the company….oh wait. With power comes responsibility? If he’d have known that he would have got into a business less susceptible to state sanctions, like banking. He didn’t get in this position by being moral, you can’t just ask him to rediscover something jettisoned when he began the long climb to the top of the corporate muck-heap. Can’t he just pay someone to make this all go away?

You surely can’t persecute BP for one horrible mistake though. I mean, what else could they possibly have done that’s so bad? Helped instigate Middle Eastern hatred of the West you say…?

You mean the West have been exploiting the Middle East for oil for decades? Then the War on Terror…

  1. Laurel Dearing says:

    ha! awesome

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