Prophets over profits

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So Comedy Central has censored an episode of South Park over references to Islamic prophet Mohammed, apparently in response to a communique from a ‘New-York based’ Islamic Fundamentalist group, suggesting that the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone may ‘wind up like Theo Van Gogh’: the Dutch film-maker who was murdered for daring to make a documentary on the abuse of women in Muslim countries. So, despite mocking practically every other institution in the Western World and beyond, even losing Isaac Hayes as a result, South Park has been forced to pretend that Islam deserves no critique whatsoever.
This is not a blog to slate any religion, more to draw attention to jaw-dropping hypocrisies exposed by this baffling and gutless back-down by Comedy Central.

Edgy comedy and satire strays into boundaries it shouldn’t sometimes: that’s what keeps people watching. But this was not an attack or even an insult, it is a poking of foibles. It happens when institutions take themselves too seriously. It’s not nice to be poked fun at, but we accept it because it makes us human to laugh and be laughed at occasionally.

Of course this ridiculous threat comes from the kind of crackpots who ride religion like it’s a fast-track to world domination.
Funny, i thought the US took the whole Freedom of Speech thing seriously these days, but apparently it’s only a death threat from potential terrorists away from being discarded like a soiled amendment. There you go kiddies, what an example. If you don’t like the world, just threaten to kill everyone until you get your way!

Oh, and this ‘New York based’ extremist group. Why the Hell haven’t NYC’s finest been busy arresting the cretins? I think suggesting that someone will ‘probably wind up’ like a murdered film-maker, and posting a picture of the victim on their website constitutes at the least a thorough questioning, wouldn’t you agree? Might i suggest that the online authorites are too busy criminalizing kids for file-sharing movies and music to worry about arresting potential murderers?

I’ve been scratching my head to think of an explanation for this incredible breach of everything America is supposed to stand for. Potential lost income from Muslim sponsors? Preventing 9/11 Mark II?? What exactly did Comedy Central think it was achieving by surrendering to the demands of terrorists, which again is in total opposition to the long-held ethos of the US Government NOT to negotiate with terrorists.

So if i think that NCIS is toss, should i threaten to blow up the production studio? Or do i have to throw in the words: ‘infidels’ and proclaim allegiance to a familiar faith to make it happen?

  1. Jacob says:

    Thing is they have actually shown Mohammed before. it was in 2000, “super friends” episode.

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