New Year, New Decade. But what new wonders await us in this new era? Science, engineering and technology are always expected to propel us into the future, but what of the terrorism that is throwing us into the past?
Unless you have been living in a cave since 2001 (hmmm), you will all be wary of the nouveau-retro terrorism of Islamic fundamentalists casting a dark shadow over the formerly blissful West.

The West was a glorious region which had fought against the evils of Communism and Nazism in its recent past. After these terrible struggles, liberty reigned and all of the peoples of the West lived in peace and prosperity. They forgot what it was to criticise their Government, because they trusted implicitly in the motivations and moral compass of those they had democratically elected to represent them.

Meanwhile, in the turbulent desert region formerly known as the Near East, resentment simmering for hundreds of years was approaching critical mass. The jolly old US of A had thought nothing of utilising an Arabian rebel patrol to do their dirty work against the Communist threat from the Soviet Union, and thought even less of what may develop once they washed their hands of the group and raped their homeland.

Despite having the justification (if there is any) to start a war based on the ludicrously intelligence-insulting hush-hush exploitation of Capitalism and incessant pillaging of their oil-fields via corruption of their own leaders, the rebel group that evolved into the gargantuan multifarious terrorist network Al-Quaeda decided to ridiculously make it about religion. Not even religion, an even more grotesquely intelligence-insulting ‘interpretation’ of a religious text that sinks misogynistic hypocrisy to new depths. Bravo you persecuted morons, let’s forget empathy or honour and fight ignorance with ignorance. While the West blindly absolves itself of crimes by worshipping the ‘future’ (which we must always be prepared for), the fundamentalist terror networks decide that actually, the past was pretty great: when men were men, women were veiled and not heard, and the Jews were to blame for everything. A man knew where he stood.
Despite the wide-held belief that Sharia Law offers Arabs particularly a clear and proud identity, it is actually very similar to every other doctrine, from Communism to tin-pot dictatorships in that it preaches: ‘do as we say, not as we do’. The rulers indulge themselves while their subjects are oppressed, and yet somehow the rulers convince the subjects that their enemy is elsewhere.

This new terror threat, despite the idiocy behind its sentiment, is genius in its calculation, using the West’s media power, freedom of speech and technology against it. The Western citizenry don’t appear to appreciate the grotesque irony in terrorists from a highly-oppressed state committing atrocities against a ‘liberal’ state, which reacts by tightening these freedoms, thus embracing and adopting the enemy’s own ideology.

A fantastic article link posted on Facebook was removed by the administration and is now nowhere to be found, but I shall refer to its ideas and give credit to the unknown author, who talked of the cost of silence by ‘moderate’ Muslims by referring to the Nazis.
Yes I know, normally this reduces the argument to a bit of a joke, but actually he made an incisive point about Nazi Germany: the vast majority of Germans during this period were not ‘Nazis’. They did not all wish to conquer and enslave the world and wipe out the Jews. The vast majority actually just wanted to get on with their lives in peace. This applies to dictators throughout history, and can be applied to these fundamentalist terrorists.
He suggested that although moderate Muslims should never be connected to these criminals, there is an inherent danger in their silence. It in fact, in many people’s eyes already, incriminates them. Just prejudiced hate-mongers I hear you cry!

But, as this unknown author states, in a worse-case scenario (a la the Nazis), the moderate Muslims will not get a say at all, they will be as powerless as the rest of us if the zealots were ever to seize power. Right now, they have the most powerful voices of all.

So why are so few rising up and denouncing publicly these exponents of slaughter? I’d like to theorise for a moment and suggest it is the ‘BNP effect’.

‘What the heck is that you idiot?’ I hear you jibe. Well good people, think about the recent rise and European seats for the BNP. Yet if you asked even BNP supporters, they would tell you they’re not bigoted or hateful, but the BNP send a message about immigration policy that needs to be heard.
Using this logic, do moderate Muslims perhaps feel the same? Do they believe that Christianity and Judaism is too dominant in this part of the world; that Islam is unfairly ostracised and needs to be given more of a platform; to feel as if they are in less of a minority?

It is an issue that won’t go away in this new decade; this new terrorism, an enemy we cannot bomb into submission (though it does not prevent us trying); an enemy which seems to lust for the days when the whole world was ripe for conversion by violence and invasion.

This ‘virtual future’ is very much haunted by the barbaric ghosts of history.


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